Saturday, 2 March 2013


This is the patio of the hotel. Somewhat ironic that it´s called "Posado del Doctor" (the doctor´s place) given that I´ve moved to a doctor's place. My room was tucked in the right hand corner and the photo taken from the shady veranda where we could relax on rocking chairs. Not bad, eh?

The sun setting into the Pacific. You can´t see the pelicans but they really were there.

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David P said...

Pity about the I'm a bird watcher! Lovely pictures and especially the range of fruit now in season. See if it's time to try green mangoes with [I think] salt, a bit different than the ripe ones but my one memory Of Leon years ago is of green mangoes as well as visiting Ruben Dario's house, though I never read anything by him - not as set books for LA lit. @ Leeds!

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