Thursday, 7 March 2013

A caballo vamos al monte

Who says I can't ride a horse?

I hope you're impressed, Amy!

The title is the refrain from my favourite song by La Buena Vista Social Club (Cuban 1930s) and means "on horseback we go up the mountain". I confess that we didn't go up by horse. I just had a ride by the spring We went most of the way in a four-wheel pick up with a/c then walked the last 2km. 2km in Oxford is a piece of cake. Uphill, on a dusty path on a volcano in this heat, it isn't. But I made it and it was great to see the project we funded.

Arturo noticed that this iguana was limping. Its foot was badly injured. So he took it the house just behind (out of shot) and gave it to the family for lunch.
Might this catch on at the University canteen?