Monday, 4 March 2013

Museum of the Revolution

The guy in the hat is Sandino.

My guide is pointing to himself, as a guerrilla, aged 19. I asked about the other men in the photo and he told me which ones were killed and which ones survived. He and I must be a similar age, yet he looked so old (then maybe I do to him). But given what he has lived through, it´s hardly surprising.

These bricks pave many of the roads here and they were made in Somoza´s factory. During the revolution, people used these as ammunition when defending themselves against the soldiers. It was all pretty gruesome.

Stairway to Heaven?

The building the museum was in, was surely once very grand but very run down now, as you can see more clearly in the photo below.. Apparently UNESCO have named it a world heritage site, along with the cathedral. The guide seemed to think that this means funds to renovate it. We´´ll see.

View of the cathedral and square.

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