Monday, 4 March 2013

My lovely hosts

This is the house where I´m staying. Doors are left open to catch the breeze. Colleagues please note that this is Nicaraguan Blue, which is everywhere, and it has nothing to do with the Fens.

These are some of the trees in the back. We ate the papaya for breakfast.

Dra Aurora in a rocking chair.

Part of the University in León.

This morning Andrés took me around his department and introduced me to lots of people. It´s hard to believe that Oxford could be rivalled in international co-operation and research but they are working on projects with universities in Sweden, Canada, the USA, Czech Republic, Germany and more and many of the staff have studied abroad.

In the afternoon Aurora showed me round the Medical Campus, which is out of town. Again I was introduced to any researchers. One of them studied in Bath and he was delighted to meet a Brit. We´re having lunch with him tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning at 7 (yes, 7!) I´m going to a lesson about disaster management! This is part of my networking and I hope to speak to the tutor afterwards about field trips for students from Brookes. Could you imagine students going to lecture at 7am in the UK?

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